Our Company

Dumes Technologies was started in 2014 by Mark Dumes in Fresno,Tx with one goal in mind, building custom technology for small & large businesses, individuals, and anyone looking to innovate. Mark saw the problems that businesses  large and small  faced in finding business solution made just for them. Constantly watching colleagues, business partners, and family struggling to translate technical workflows or ideas into a solution that worked without limitations. Recognizing the need,  Mark began building a company that could help any client reach their technical business needs through comprehensive  software development and project planning.

Utilizing the years of computer science and software development experience of its engineers, Dumes Technologies has been able to work with many predominate business whether non-profit, state-owned, or a private company. For the last 8 years, Dumes Technologies has continued to bring value to business that need to make their technical workflows and digital  presence enhanced with custom software.

Our Mission

Dumes Technologies is to provide custom business solutions utilizing third-party and custom-created software to create long-lasting, process-forward, efficient technologies that suit the specific needs of our clients.